Server Migration Complete

Good news. The website has successfully moved to my webserver at home. I am changing some things.

  1. You do NOT have to create a user account to leave comments on posts. However, if you do wish to post articles and content you do need to email me at or let me know during the net so you can have an account created.
  2. You cannot create your own user account. This is due to all the spam I have received over the years.
  3. Comments have to be approved. This is also due to spam.

Moving to New Server

Good Afternoon,

It has been a while since I have made any updates to the website here but I wanted to let everyone know that I will be moving this website from GoDaddy to a new webserver. This will help me reduce costs on running the website. With that being said I will try to make more period updates, including the turn outs of our nets.

If you know about a ham radio related event (e.g. hamfest, SET, new repeaters, band openings, contests, etc) please send me an email at



Social Media Integration & Site Changes

I have added social media integration features. That means if you have a Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media accounts you can now share, like, and comment on content from our website.

Those of you who have used the sidebar login on the right will notice that it is gone. A recent update to WordPress caused the plug-in to stop working correctly. The good news is that I have added the Login to the menu under the Home button, this should redirect you to the regular login page. Just login with your user name and password. I will work on adding a register page soon, look for that under the Home button.

I have also posted some new content. I have included all the local NOAA All-Hazards Weather radio stations in our area. If you have some additional stations, or have some ideas on things to add, just let me know. You can view this page by clicking here, or look under Local Repeaters on the menu.