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  1. Misspelled word first line. OUT? In town from Florida, in Murphy, listened to the net last nite. Job well done. Just getting rig set up while we are here. Could you give me a list of freq’s for this area. I work with ARES in Fla. Our club is on the web at VBARC.org…

    Thanks and 73’s

    Don ki4jhv

    • Thanks for the heads up on the typo, I’m sure there are more to discover. There are several repeaters and a few simplex frequencies that are used in the area. I will eventually post them when I have time. However there are several repeaters in the area that you can hit from Murphy:

      KI4ENN – Hiawassee, GA 146.865 + PL: 151.4 Hz [Towns Co EM Net]
      KI4AIH – Andrews, NC 147.045 – PL: 151.4 Hz [Skywarn WNC]
      WDES – Cleveland, TN 147.180 + 118.8 Hz [Skywarn Bradley Co, TN]

      Depending on your location and surrounding terrain you might get into these:

      W4GHZ – Franklin, NC 147.240 + 151.4 Hz [Daily nets at 9PM]
      K2BHQ – Franklin, NC 145.490 – 167.5 Hz
      K4EZK – Telico Plains, TN 146.820 – 141.3 Hz
      W4ABP – Gainesville, GA 146.670 – 131.8 Hz

      Some of the repeaters I have on my list have gone down and haven’t tried to get back into them.

      Aside from the normal calling frequencies these are the more common simplex frequencies:

      Clay County ARES: 146.490 MHz
      Cherokee County ARES: 146.460 MHz
      Local CQ: 146.550

      And likewise you welcome to check-in to our nets on Tuesday nights.

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